About the artist

It's me! Greg Lashmar, a professional artist and creator of all of the artwork displayed on this website. I live on the beautful North Essex coast at Walton on the Naze, with my wife Margaret, who is an author, and our mad cocker spaniel Jasper.

Living just moments from the sea, sandy beaches and hundreds of beach huts one way and the SSSI that is the Hamford Backwaters, location of the Arthur Ransome novel Swallows and Amazons, I get so much inspiration from my local surroundings, and many of my works feature locations which are just minutes from my front door.

Working in watercolour, pencil and pen & watercolour (pen & wash) my work takes in a wide variety of subjects, from pet portraits, landscapes, seascapes (of course!), village and town scenes, and the occasional portrait too. If it takes my eye, I take a photo, or six, and then scroll through, seeing if anything will make it onto paper.

Cragside Estate, Northumberland
Greg Lashmar

Greg Lashmar

The creative mind of our shop is Greg Lashmar. In the background you can see some of the American artist Norman Rockwell prints!

Jasper, Cocker Spaniel


Jasper is a cocker spaniel, working type, which means he's always on the lookout for fox poo, dead seagulls and food from bins.

Margaret Lashmar

Margaret Lashmar

Mags Lashmar is a published author, who is now busily typing away on her third book, a family saga set in the mid 19th Century.

My story

At secondary school I studied graphic design to A-level and gained a good grade, but the course didn't involve much 'fine art' - instead concentrating on creating strong visuals, but relying on art technology and fledgling computer design software. However I have always had a strong creative urge, unsurprising when both of my parents also had creative flair in art, textiles and cabinet-making.

For about 15 years my wife and I ran a theatrical costumiers, where I designed and made theatre costumes for innumerable productions and shows.

In late 2016 my mental health began to show signs of strain and I turned back to art, attending a tutor-friends workshop locally for what I thought may be a tortuous day holding a paintbrush, but a day to myself, to rest my busy mind. I followed the instructions she gave me and was happy but not overjoyed with what I had painted... until I stood up. I had created something wonderful, which hangs on my wall to this day, and every day I thank goodness I went to that workshop. I now have a job which I can't wait to start and delay finishing, I love it that much!

Walton on the Naze